Combating the Effects of Jet Lag

Crossing multiple time zones can often send the body's internal clock out of sync.

Shopping: The New Diet

Shopping for 30 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories; more if you are trying on clothes.

Stay in Touch

Stay in touch with friends, family and business associates while you travel without having to lug your address book along.

Runway Beauty Notes

Drink Up plenty of water. Airplane air is pressurized and re-circulated so it lacks humidity.

Picture This...

Instead of storing your great photographs away in a photo album, have a series of buildings, people or landscapes reprinted in a larger size in black and white (more artistic) and hang on the wall.

THIS AND THAT - Packing a suitcase

If your planning a winter getaway here are a few tips to help you pack.

Write a list before you pack, this way you won't forget anything. Print off a couple of copies one to set on top of your suitcase and one to carry in your purse so that you can pick up any needed items when you are running errands.

Before leaving check with your airline to find out how many bags you are allowed and what the maximum weight is. Airlines usually charge extra for additional and heavy bags. Try to keep luggage to a minimum, as excess baggage can be a hassle at the airport. Experienced travelers pack light. Heavy bags are simply a hassle. So lighten up. Try to pack items that you can wear several times in different combinations.

Pack all your heavy items, such as shoes on the bottom of the suitcase - the wheel side not the bottom when you lay the suitcase open on the floor.

Put shoes in clothe shoe bags - sole-to-sole, toe to heel and heel to toe. Lightweight, inexpensive, drawstring bags are designed to keep any residue away from the rest of your belongings. You can fill the shoes with jewelry and fragile items to help maximize space.

Role your clothes or layer them between dry cleaning plastic to minimize wrinkling. You can roll items with the dry cleaner bags.

When you arrive, hang the clothes where possible (doing so in a bathroom with some steam generated by running a hot shower should get rid of any wrinkles that did occur - if it doesn't, travel with garments of a more forgiving fabric.

Label all of your luggage including your carry on. I also put a return phone number and address on the inside of my bags.

Take a trip to the drug store and buy all of your toiletries in travel size containers.

Tie an identifying ribbon or string to the outside of all your bags. It?s amazing how many similar suitcases there are on the conveyer belt.

I always pack a large duffle bag in my luggage to use as an extra suitcase for any momentous and souvenirs? I may buy. I also pack a knapsack to use for day trips.

Avoid Lost Luggage
U.S. Transportation Department figures report that the odds are Approx.1 in 200 that your bag on any given flight will be lost or misrouted.