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Cheryll puts on a heavy coat and heads north to the picturesque city of Montreal. Join Cheryll as she takes in the Canadian-French culture by indulging in Montreal jazz, European style cuisine, and trend setting fashions. view
Linking Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a place of magic and captivation. Join Cheryll as she puts her bargaining skills to the test at the famous Grand Bazaar, discovers the ancient art of carpet making and indulges in the many wonders of Istanbul. view
Follow Cheryll as she explores the mythical paradise that is Singapore. From chic designer boutiques to outdoor markets, and from historical landmarks to cultural destinations, Cheryll hits all of Singapore's hotspots. view
Cheryll travels to South Africa and visits the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa; Johannesburg. Join Cheryll as she discovers new fashion trends and gets a visit from Miss South Africa. view
Cheryll experiences the joy and excitement of Rio while discovering local fashion designers, and shopping for coffee, music and jewels with legend Hans Stern. view
Cheryll steps into the future in this ultra-modern Chinese city where she shops for everything from silk and bespoke fashions
to antiques, home furnishings and
traditional teas.  view
Cheryll experiences the sights and sounds of Bangkok while shopping for gold, jewelry and traditional Thai handicrafts. view
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