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Cheryll embarks on an adventure to find shopping gems in the Gulf States of Oman and Qatar. Join Cheryll as she experiences the fantastic Arabic hospitality, finds exotic jewellery and the most expensive perfume in the world. view
Join Cheryll as she bargains with vendors in the Medina, the souk of Marrakech and travel with her to the gateway of Africa, the port town of Essaouira where she checks out the local arts and artisans. view
Cheryll heads out to the French Riviera and visits Nice during their famous Carnival Festival. Join Cheryll as she creates a perfume at France’s oldest perfume house, and shops at the most unique and interesting locations that Nice has to offer. view
Cheryll heads to the Dark Continent to immerse herself in the mix of many cultures and beauty that is South Africa while discovering indigenous arts, high-end home furnishings, and unique fashions. view
Cheryll arrives in the land of the rising sun and tours modern and ancient Tokyo. Explore with Cheryll the fast paced, energetic districts of Tokyo for way out fashions, advanced electronics, luxurious home décor items, traditional art and freshly caught tuna. view
Discover with Cheryll the oasis paradise of Abu Dhabi. From unique outdoor souks to designer boutiques, Cheryll checks out all the shopping hot spots and takes a turn off the beaten path to do some off road dune bashing and sand surfing. view
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