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- Canadian dollar (C$)

Toronto is the hub of Canada’s commercial, financial, industrial and cultural life.

It’s a busy urban metropolis with an extensive multicultural populace – something that has to be seen to be believed. More than 40% of the people belong to a visible minority and over 100 languages and dialects can be heard on the streets. In 2004,
Toronto was second on the United Nations’ list of cities with the largest percentage of foreign-born population.

Toronto is also home to the third largest stock exchange in North America and sixth largest in the world; its theatre centre is the third-largest in the English-speaking world with over 90 venues; and, of course, the world’s tallest free-standing land structure. At 533 meters (1815 feet), the CN Tower surveys the city and acts as a constant reminder of Toronto’s place in the world.

It is a city full of energy with tons to see and do. Already one of the largest cities in North America, Toronto truly is a city on the rise. It’s also home to some incredible shopping.

- 5,000,000
Land Area
: 244 sq miles

: English, French 

- Toronto has a warm summer (June to mid - September), when temperatures average 20-23°C (68-73°F) and can get up to 30°C (86°F). Fall (mid-September to late October)
is crisp and beautiful - all of Ontario is renowned for its autumn colours. In winter (November to March), though temperatures can plummet quickly, the average temperature is manageable
at -6°C (21°F).

- 110-120V 60HzHz , American-style plug with two parallel flat blades above a circular grounding pin, Japanese-style plug with two parallel flat blades.