Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Places to Visit

-Rio teems with energy and enthusiasm and yet still remains relaxed and casual. The city is wealthy and feels very European, but it still manages to be very welcoming and is always truly Brazilian. Rio is a product of its warm and inviting environment, its stunning geography and its equally beautiful people. Cariocas, as its inhabitants are called, pride themselves on their culture, their enlightened attitudes and their distinctive good looks. Fashion is a way of life in Rio.

The people of Rio, like the people of Brazil are the product of a true multicultural society. The city has been a melting pot since the first European explorers happened upon its shores in the early16th century. This discovery led to successive waves of immigration from across Europe, Africa and Asia and as the newcomers mixed with the indigenous population, the ideal of the modern Brazilian was born. Today this translates to a literate, highly cultured and very alluring population.

- 8,000,000
Land Area: 452  square miles

- Portuguese

- Real (R$)
One real is made up of 100 centavos. The real note comes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100. Coin denominations are 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 centavos, and one real. Foreign currency and travelers cheques can be exchanged at banks, travel agencies and authorized hotels.

110/220V 60HzHz , European plug with two circular metal pins, American-style plug with two flat blades above a circular grounding pin, Japanese-style plug with two perpendicular flat blades.

The climate is predominantly tropical with some variation according to the region.The average annual temperature in the north is 28º C and 22º C in the south. The temperature in the Summer  (December to March) can range from 25°C (77°F) to 40°C (104°F); and in the Winter from 20°C (68°F) to 30°C (86°F)


• Hello - Hello
• Goodbye - Adeus
• Please - Por favor
• Thank you - obrigado
• You're welcome - vocÍ ť bem-vindo
• Yes / No - sim / nenhum
• Do you speak English? - vocÍ fala o inglÍs?
• How are you? - como ť vocÍ?
• Fine. You? - Muito bem. VocÍ?
• What time is it? - Que hora ť ele?
• Where? - onde?
• Restaurant - Restaurante
• Store - armazen
• Bank / Exchange Office - banco
• Sale - venda
• Free - livre
• How much? - quanto?
• Beautiful! - bonito