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Provincetown offers a rare combination of rural solitude and urban sophistication.

It is the broadminded hamlet on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that has long attracted Whalers and Writers, Artists and Aristocrats. It is a community that prizes creativity, diversity and individuality; and where the locals are justifiably proud, longtime visitors are fiercely loyal and first time tourists, sometimes confused, often amused, but always entranced by the townís eccentricities and niceties.

Provincetown is an exciting, fun and fascinating town. From the pilgrims of 1620 to the new age refugees of today, everyone who comes to this part of the world instinctively understands how special and how unique it is. Itís where Western civilization began nearly 400 years ago when the pioneers aboard the Mayflower first came ashore, and has continued to evolve, to be one of the most progressive societies in the new world.

With the ocean air to itís relaxed pace of life, Provincetown is addictive. This picture perfect place with its quirky shops and friendly faces provides the perfect storybook setting for a dream vacation and of course, shopping!

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