Johannesburg, South Africa
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- The local currency is the Rand; you will have no difficultly and most likely will get a far better rate of exchange if you do your currency conversions when you arrive at the Joburg airport.

- According to the 2001 Census, the population
of the city is more than three million. Johannesburg's land area
of 1,644 km² is very large when compared to other cities, resulting in a population density of only 1,962/km².

The population of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area is almost eight million. The city is one of the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the world. The city is Africa's only world city (classified as a gamma world city).

English is spoken fluently throughout South Africa, so it is unlikely that you encounter any communication problems but it's always fun to learn a few key words in Africans

- MUST KNOW LANGUAGE (phonetic spelling)

• Hello - Hallo
• Goodbye - afskeid
• Thank You - dankie
• Yes - ja
• No - nee
• Beautiful - deftig
• That one - daardie een
• Okay - gaaf