Istanbul, Turkey - Places to Visit
Places to Visit

Istanbul Modern Art Museum
Phone: +90-212-334 73 00

This sleek and modern space sits on the magnificent Bosphorus Strait and is home to the Istanbul Modern Art Museum. A place dedicated to showcasing the artistic production within the modern and contemporary art scene. You don’t have to be an art lover to enjoy your experience here. In addition to the fabulous art, check out the wide array of gifts at the museum store or take some time to relax at the café and restaurant.

Grand Bazaar

Hone your bargaining skills and take a plunge into this shopper’s paradise. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi, or Covered Market) is the country’s largest covered market and one of the largest in the world. It houses more than 4000 shops that sells everything from Turkish carpets and rugs to leather jackets and hand painted pottery. If you love to shop, the Grand Bazaar should be your first destination in Istanbul.

Spice Bazaar

Sitting on the waters of the Golden Horn and in the shadow of the New Mosque is the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar. As you walk through the main entrance, your senses are immediately treated to a variety of wonderful smells, sights and tastes. This is where you’ll find the best Turkish delight, baklava, Turkish tea and coffee and a variety of dried spices.

Avanos. Sentez Carpet Company
Phone: 0 384 511 33 33

When you think of turkey you think of carpets. Here at Avanos; Sentez Carpet Co. you can not only purchase a rug but you can also be shown around the school and watch young women create these beautiful pieces of art. Call ahead to book a walking tour and you will see the process of carpet making from farming the silk worms to the selling and shipping process.


Taksim square is the center of modern Istanbul. Busy by day and packed by night, Istiklal Caddesi is the city’s most popular and vibrant streets. Strictly reserved for pedestrian traffic, the street is lined with boutiques, cafes, restaurants, galleries and cinemas. Be sure to take a turn on to the many alley ways that branch out from the main street.


Nisantisi is the rodeo drive of Istanbul; a beautiful district in Istanbul that’s charming, with distinctive European influence. These streets are lined with trendy European style café’s and restaurants, supported by international and local designer names.


Ortakoy is a fun district made up of narrow, cobble stoned streets that wind their way down to a waterside square filled with quaint cafés and restaurants. On the weekends this area is filled with stalls and vendors becoming a funky street market full of arts and crafts. Ortakoy is definitely a popular place, especially for the young locals.