Places to Visit


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Enjoy comfort, warmth and quality in a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. The décor of FRONT is chosen with imagination and flair. The atmosphere is warm, unique, distinct and decadent. When you stay at FRONT, you know you are in a special place.


The oldest part of the Copenhagen Harbour has over time, become a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Today you’ll find a number of fine restaurants and patios emanating a true Parisienne atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the sights, smells and sounds.

DFDS Canal Tours
This tour operator takes you through the canals of new and old Copenhagen. Their guides inform you about the main sights and the most interesting moments in Copenhagen’s history.

Thorvaldsens Museum
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Opened in 1848, Thorvaldsens Museum is known for its unique architecture, its gallery decorations and not least Denmark's internationally most famous artist, Bertel Thorvaldsen and his sculptures. The Amalienborg Palace The Amalienborg Palace is home of the Danish Royal Family. The four wings were built in 1700 and have been in the possession of the Royal Family since 1794 when the old Christiansborg Palace was destroyed by fire. The square with Saly's equestrian statue of King Frederik V is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Tivoli Gardens
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Tivoli Gardens is definitely a place to visit when you’re in Copenhagen. An amusement park seemingly untouched by time it’s a gorgeous, fun and eclectic spot as well as one of the great European city parks. You’ll find romantic spots, spectacular night views, roller coasters, and much more.


Georg Jensen
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In 1904, Georg Jensen founded his silversmithy in Copenhagen. His jewellery, cutlery and hollowware designs were an instant success and sought after throughout the world. His exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship has secured him the honor of being one of the most influential silversmiths of the past century.

Royal Copenhagen
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A large number of simple but elegant plates, cups, bowls and figurines have passed their way through the porcelain mass since their very first brushstrokes came to life in 1775 - the year where the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory was established.

Friis & Company
This Danish company is all about stylish and fashionable accessories. Primarily carrying a women’s line of shoes, bags, belts, scarves and jewellery they have expanded to a men’s line as well.

Munthe plus Simonsen
Tel: (+45) 3332 0012
In the heart of central Copenhagen you will find this haven for designer fashions for women. The award winning design company was founded in 1994 by designers Naja Munthe and Karen Simonsen. Today you can find their fashions in more than 200 shops in 21 different countries.

IC Companys
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A rapidly growing international brand in Northern and Central Europe, IC Companys believes in the Scandinavian values of simplicity, honest, functionality and innovation as the guiding principles for their fashion brand.


Conditori La Glace
Tel: (+45) 3314 4646
Conditori La Glace is the oldest and probably best confectionary in Denmark. La Glace was founded the 8th of October 1870 in the middle of old Copenhagen and thru six generations has delivered life quality to Copenhagen and its visitors.

A.C. Perch's Tea Shop
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Visit the oldest tea shop in Europe even if you’re not a tea-lover and take your pic from a wide variety of tea leaves from around the world. The Perch family owned the shop until 1894, when the Hincheldey family took over. Today the 4th generation is in charge of the shop, and 3 generations operate behind the counter at the same time.