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- Danish Krone (kr)

All visitors to Denmark should be issued a warning: Copenhagen will have you questioning the quality of life in your hometown. Thatís because Copenhagen offers so much, in so little space. It has the laid back vibe of LA, combined with the exciting urban bliss of New York. It feels historic and regal like London but also modern and avant-garde like Berlin. It is a fairy tale city like no other.

Copenhagen has an indescribable and appealing buzz that captures any and all who visits. Everywhere you go, you see people riding bicycles, indicative of Copenhagenís quaint character. Yet, when you see the scores of cathedrals and ancient architecture, itís impossible to ignore the vast history of this city. It is filled with charming gardens and picturesque courtyards Ė peaceful spots to look past the strong history, the imperial nation and the busy metropolis.

This society has come a long way since the 8th century when they were known as Vikings and terrorized European towns. Today, the Danes are a people filled with respect. Respect for their state, respect for each other, respect for visitors and, of course, a strong respect for their past.

- 662,000
Land Area
: 34 sq miles

- Considering its northerly location Copenhagenís climate is relatively mild. In the coldest winter months of January and February, the average daily temperature hovers around freezing point - and while that may be cold, it's nearly 10įC (50įF) above average for this latitude. Winter, however, also has the highest relative humidity (90%) and the cloudiest weather (with greater than 80% cloud cover on an average of 17 days a month).

From May to September, there are about nine cloudy days a month and the humidity drops to a comfortable level of around 70% at noon. Expect to see rain and grey skies. The greatest amount of precipitation is from July to December.

- 230V 50HzHz, European plug with two circular metal pins.