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- Boston is one of America’s largest, wealthiest, and most influential cities.

Founded in 1630, ‘Beantown’, as it’s affectionately known to its residents, played a crucial role in America’s push towards independence. It was Bostonians who initiated the American Revolution; by giving their lives in the famed Boston Massacre, and by protesting taxation in the momentous Boston Tea Party. It was also the home of Paul Revere and his notable “Midnight Ride” to warn of the approaching British forces. Since then, Boston has become a home to all, dating back to the first wave of European immigrants. It was groups like the Irish and the Italians who inhabited Boston and brought with them their values and traditions from their homeland, most notably, Catholicism.

Today, Boston is a diverse mix of the old and the new represented by an assortment of traditional architecture and churches with contemporary skyscrapers and neighbourhoods. It has continued to grow and prosper with America while maintaining its unique and endearing character. It’s a small town feel in a big time city. It is a strong city with a passionate and patriotic populace. It has scenic summers and charming winters. It’s impossible to wander the streets without taking notice of its abounding and fascinating history, its breathtaking and impressive architecture and its abundant and exceptional shopping.

– 600,000
: 48 sq miles

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